El Jeffto que cocina

Cooking have been one of those hidden pleasures that appear in my life just a few days before I left my parents house after I get married with @calexiar. I have to say in my defense that I didn’ t learn or start to practice cook arts because @calexiar didn’t know how to prepare food or because in house I never prepare even a cup of coffee. Nop, I identify this passion when I start to feel angry and depressed because a change of job and that was a real bad idea.

When I go back home I feel really bad about my work and found in the kitchen a way to escape from the reality and try new  ideas, new mix, some kind of weird alchimia with food. Fortunately seems that I inherit that good seasoning from my mom and maybe my grandmom.

Have been 2 years and half and today I decide to start to share what I prepare, my dishes, my success and failures. So I want to share my new web space to share this (sorry only in spanish) so here is “El Jeffto que cocina”.

A learning from Defcon 21

This year I wen to Las Vegas to Defcon version 21, so I learned this:

“Researching and development is the most important thing about information security, without that we are simple users, there´s no learning, there´s no improvement”

Fifty shades of information security


Have been a long time since last post, but here we go. For Barcamp Security Edition I create a crossword game related to information security, history, important characters and a lot of funny things. So This test was released on November 30th and more than 300 people and two winners. This is the challenge, and the solution. I […]

Lego collection


These are my Legos collection, there’s still more in the office and in my parents house Soon: Taj Mahal Death Star Orthanc’s Tower Pirates Imperial Flagship

Social Engineering and social networks


In  Hack Tattoo event, made by Buggly, I share a talk about social engineering and how to get information using social networks for pentest and hacking jobs. So, here are the slides.

Get management support without dying while trying

Padlock on two network cables,

At Congreso Surcolombiano de Serguridad in Neiva city, I give a talk called “Get management support without dying while trying” lbased on my article called  “Sin la gerencia no hay paraiso” published on  .seguridad magazine from UNAM University. so here are the slides in prezi:

It’s not insecure for being Open Source Software


A few weeks ago I do a presentation about Information Security on Open source and Free Software at Bogota`s  Festival Latinoamericano de Instalación de Software Libre (FLISoL). I talked about the idea of some companies about open source software insecurity because the development model versus proprietary software. Along the conference I presented some examples about […]

Habemus Hacking 1.0


Que mejor manera para crear comunidad, articular la ya existente, compartir proyectos y aprendizajes que un evento con charlas rápidas y algunos talleres. Pues bien, en un grupo de especialistas en Seguridad de la Información, decidimos crear un pequeño espacio para estas actividades, al cual denominamos Habemus Hacking (#habemushacking en Twitter). Habemus Hacking: Un día […]

Mobile security talk

Padlock on two network cables,

I give a talk on Hacker Garage meeting in Guadalajara, Mexico. I talk about why it`s important pentesting on mobile apps and devices and give an idea of the process using the methodology suggested by OWASP Mobile Security Project. So here the slides.

Slides from El desarrollo seguro también aplica para plataformas móviles

Padlock on two network cables,

This week onOWASP Latam Tour 2013, I share a presentation about security on mobile apps development